About me

About Lindsey Jones

As a mom of two high-energy children – a 3-year-old boy and an 8-month-old baby girl – I’ve literally looked over hundreds of baby and child products for my kids. I’ve spent hours poring over research to find safe, effective, comfortable, and fun products. Some people think I’m a little “particular” about my research, but I’m not changing anything. What can I say? I want the absolute best for my kids, and I’m not willing to compromise.

After speaking with other moms, I realized that I should share the information I found more widely. I hope that sharing the love and information will save you time and trouble as you look to provide the best products and experience for your little one.

My most recent investigation involved pack and plays. I work from home, so sometimes I just need a safe place for the kids to stay contained and entertained (rearranging furniture to block entryways just wasn’t cutting it anymore). Or sometimes if my son is feeling overly hyper, I need a safe place to put the baby until he decompresses.

We also love going on little adventures, so we’ll take any excuse to travel – be it a full-on vacation to the beach, a quick weekend camping trip, or a visit to the grandparents. With this lifestyle, it’s important for us to have a portable “playroom” for our kiddos to use in a hotel room, at a campsite, on the beach, or at grandma’s.

After reading several pack and play review websites and browsing the top options on Amazon, I realized that to make a good decision, I needed to buy the top pack and plays and try them out. So I ordered the top 6 pack and play options to see what was actually best.

I realized that I could read reviews till I was blue in the face, but nothing would help me make the right choice better than physically testing out and comparing each option. I also knew that I could return the options that did not meet my kid’s needs.

So while it was a pain to order every single one, it was an investment I was willing to make to feel totally confident with my final selection. Plus, now I can recommend it to you without any reservations. I hope you find the research helpful!